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Crabtree Publishing Company

Crabtree Publishing Company is dedicated to producing high-quality curriculum-aligned books and educational products for Pre K-9+. Each resource blends accuracy, immediacy, and eye-catching illustration with the goal of inspiring nothing less than a life-long interest in reading and learning in children. The company began building its reputation in 1978 as a quality children's non-fiction book publisher with acclaimed author Bobbie Kalman’s first series about the early pioneers. 

In the 35 years which have followed, both Crabtree Publishing and Bobbie Kalman have expanded into, and become well-known for, beautifully illustrated books and educational resources on many more curriculum subjects including animals, countries, life and physical sciences, geography, and biographies. Colorful and entertaining fiction has also become a strong part of Crabtree’s product line for young readers.

What's New

Capitol Wand

Magic wants to be president of the United States one day, but he does not understand the three branches of government. In Mr. Gray's class, Magic and his buddies Rex and Reva use a tree branch as a wand to zap them all to Washington, D.C. 
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